Let me preface my review of Brian Tran and Alex Hahn by saying that I am incredibly hard to please and have very high expectations when it comes to real estate agents. Having worked with several over the years, I can clearly identify the good from the bad. Brian and Alex are not just good, they are absolutely great.

I had the good fortune of finding Brian through one of his flyers for a property he had recently sold. The home was across the street from a rental I owned in one of the less desirable areas of San Francisco. And by less desirable area, I mean not desirable at all. I figured if Brian could sell the home across from my rental at a premium, he could pull miracles and do the same for my rental. I was right. Brian managed to get me an offer above listing when I was certain I would not even hit listing.

But it isn’t just the fact that Brian was able to sell my rental at a premium that makes him an incredible agent. It is everything else that he and his team bring to the table. Out of every agent I have worked with – and there have been many – no other agents have ever shown the level of tireless dedication and professionalism as Brian and his team. They made what was an otherwise stressful process virtually stress free and super smooth. From contractors, to stagers, to virtually anyone else needed to pull off a sale without spending any more than I had to, these guys made some of the best referrals I have ever received.

Working with Brian to sell my rental was such a pleasure that I retained him for my next purchase, this time my new primary residence. Just as with the sale of my rental, Brian and his team once again delivered beyond any expectation I could have had. For nearly five months, they stood by me as I looked at home after home, clearly steering me away from those they knew I would regret buying but never pressuring me towards any home I was not certain about. I don’t know how many hours Brian and team spent on my search effort, but I would venture to say it was more than all of the other real estate agents I have worked with in the last decade, combined. Always available (and I mean always) and always responsive to any questions I had, these guys gave 200% every time I needed them.

Without a doubt, Brian and his team will be the only agents I ever work with again in San Francisco. And if I could give them more than 5 stars, I would.

Tara M.
What I liked most about working with Brian and Alex is they are truly a team and you get literally twice the work accomplished than working with a single agent. In addition they just were more all around passionate and knowledgeable than the other agents we interviewed. There was so much unexpected detail to our transaction that we would be lost without the constant expert guidance.

Also – they are fun to work with – so this is why my husband and I after looking for a year finally decided to hire these agents and we closed our on dream condo!

Karen W.
My wife and I started working with Alex and Brian a few months ago and they have been absolutely fantastic and super helpful!
1. They are always there to answer any and all questions,
2. They went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed to get what we were looking for,
3. When we ran into issues and problems, they came up with creative ways to help resolve things quickly,
4. They had a really good sense of the market condition.

We’d absolutely recommend Alex and Brian to anyone looking to buy or sell, specially in the current tough market!

Harlan C.
Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Alex and Brian definitely helped me through a rough but successful time for me! I was quite impressed with their knowledge in the market. They had answers for every single question I had. They are also very responsive so for those who are like me and need to know everything and immediately, they are your guys.
A. Wong
Working with Brian Tran & Alex Han and his team was the best. They put the house on the market very quickly, and within four days of the open house we had 11 offers. Very professional, including regular updates, practical advice on getting the place ready for sale, great use of technology, extremely welcoming, and made the whole process easy. Highly recommend!!!
Selina T.
My husband and I are starting to outgrow our current home and are in the process of upgrading to a bigger house in the East Bay. I’ve spoken to many real estate agents, and Michaela has by far been the only one I’ve actually enjoyed working with. Her communication overall is just so enjoyable and real, just like her personality! I never would’ve thought receiving email newsletters and listings from a real estate agent could be so exciting! Her newsletters always intrigue me because not only does it contain a whole lot of statistics and information about the current housing market, but it’s also so relatable, from sports to current trends. Her alert listings are always on target with my criteria and the simplicity of it makes the house hunting process organized and stress free. I cannot wait to see what else she has to offer during my search!
Tiffany L.
My brother and I were looking for investment properties in the Oakland area but knew very little about what we were getting into. We decided to work with Michaela since she has rental properties of her own. She was knowledgable about the market and really took the time to listen and thoughtfully take into account our budget and goals. She was honest in telling us what was realistic for us to purchase in this market and the returns we would make, even if it was something we didn’t want to hear and regardless of how it would affect her sale. I highly recommend her if you want to work with a trustworthy agent looking out for your best interests.
Jordan J.
My husbad and I were first time home buyers and not even sure we wanted to make the plunge. Alex and Brian was very low pressure and helpful. They patiently answered numerous rookie questions throughout the process and 6 months later we were homeowners.
1. They are always there to answer any and all questions,
2. They went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed to get what we were looking for,
3. When we ran into issues and problems, they came up with creative ways to help resolve things quickly,
4. They had a really good sense of the market condition.

We’d absolutely recommend Alex and Brian to anyone looking to buy or sell, specially in the current tough market!

Helen H.
Alex and Brian were very professional and managed almost all aspects of the sale of my condo. We ended up accepting an offer within the first week of being on the market. The sale was pretty easy and we closed in about 30 days. I especially appreciated that they managed all the appointments, also the professional photography and marketing materials. My only regret is accepting an offer before going to open house but that was my decision.
Josephine B.
Alex and Brian represented my wife and I on the purchase of our first home. They were extremely patient with all of our first time homebuyer questions, assisted us with finding a mortgage broker, accompanied us to many, many open houses, and provided frank, unbiased advice. Above and beyond that, they’re fun, smart and just overall great to work with. When we go to sell our current home, they will be the first ones we call!
Aaron T.
Alex and Brian are excellent real estate agents. they showed us a lot of different options, helped us to pick the right place and navigated through the process. They made our experience successful from the start and our first offer won the place we wanted. Even when the road started to be bumpy almost near the closing due to our mortgage they helped to make everything working and we were enjoying our new place soon. Would be glad to work with them again and would recommend them to all our friends.
Ngoc P.
I absolutely love these guys! They are a great team, super responsive and made my first home buying experience very easy. I had champagne tastes on cola budget and they delivered. No only did I get a great home, Alex and Brian handled every aspect from hooking me up with a great insurance agent to making sure the sewer line was up to code (after closing)! Not only did they make sure I had access to everything I needed to get in my home, they keep in touch months afterward to make sure I’m doing well. When my mom had a heart attack, they sent her flowers. I’m completely spoiled and look forward to working with them when I graduate to my next home, and my forever home. I highly recommend this team, and the guys individually. They are the absolute best.
Cloris H.
While looking for a suitable home, I would spend countless hours doing the Zillow shuffle and at the end of the day, I would be reminded what the phrase ‘housing crisis’ truly means. There are few things in this world I despise more than looking for an apartment, especially in the Bay. It shouldn’t been this difficult. I needed help.

I contacted Michaela and within a week, she found an unlisted studio in a cute neighborhood that is 8 blocks from Lake Merrit. The place is pretty sweet – high ceilings, wood floors, two large closets, large bedroom and offered at below market value. I honestly didn’t think this kind of thing happened in the Bay Area housing market anymore, but with her connections in the industry, it happened to me.

Michaela is easy to work with and has a deep knowledge of the housing market that goes beyond her years. I really enjoyed my time with her and I would highly suggest her to anyone looking for a place to call their own. Michaela is simply the best!

Jon H.
Michaela was very friendly and approachable. We bought our first property with her and she was very helpful answering all our questions and walked us through all the details and nuisances of purchasing a home. She was always quick to respond and if she did not know the answer straight away, she will find the answers for us. She showed us countless properties and when we were ready to purchase, she diligently prepared a favorable rapport with the seller’s agent and got us the house.
Danni C.
Michaela just helped me out with a condo purchase and she was great. Easy to talk to about the process, fun to see homes with and knowledgeable about the various neighborhoods in the east bay. She is always happy and smiling, even when dealing with ridiculous questions and requests. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor. She also brought me a donut at closing as a special treat!
Eliot H.
I find looking for a home a miserable process in general. However Michaela made it as enjoyable as I think it could be. Her professionalism, friendliness and responsiveness made her awesome to work with. I never felt pressured into doing anything i wasn’t 100% comfortable with.
Mohamed O.